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Founded in 1976, Callaway Cars Incorporated is recognized worldwide for its innovative automotive design, its winning race cars and its highly desirable, limited production sports cars. Uftring Chevrolet is proud to be a member of Callaway’s network of specially selected Chevrolet dealerships, exclusively selling and servicing Callaway cars and trucks.

Knowledgable, Professional Staff

As a Callaway Authorized Dealer, our sales and service staff is fully trained to provide you with a purchase and ownership experience that is consistent with Callaway’s upscale product quality. Our Callaway Sales Specialist, Chris Kamp, can explain all technical details of Callaway cars and trucks, and will “spec-out” the Chevrolet and Callaway equipment just to your liking. Our Service Department is fully equipped to perform all maintenance and warranty repair on all Callaway cars and trucks. If necessary, our direct line to Callaway Engineering can provide immediate response to unexpected service questions, should they arise.

Unequalled Warranty Coverage

Our Callaway Specialist can also explain Callaway’s comprehensive warranty program to you in detail. The Callaway 3 Year/36,000 Mile Limited Warranty is standard on all Callaways and overlaps General Motors’ warranty coverage, providing you with the best warranty of any non-OEM automotive company. Callaway’s optional 5 Year/100,000 Mile Powertrain Service Contract gives you OEM-level security, covering Callaway and GM powertrain components for the full term of the GM Powertrain Warranty.

2013 Callaway Cars and Trucks

Callaway C16

The Callaway C16 is Callaway’s 16th major automotive project. It represents everything Callaway knows about how to make a great road car. The Callaway C16 is a limited production, bespoke automobile, built to order, by what the Press has called “the best specialist engineers in the business”. These cars are seriously fast, stunningly beautiful, and very exclusive.

Callaway Corvette

The 2013 model year is your last chance to get a sixth generation “C6” Corvette and Chevrolet certainly saved the best for last. Along with Callaway’s Z06-based SC652 and Grand Sport-based SC606 Corvettes, Chevrolet’s new 427 Convertible Collector Edition now allows production of a 7 liter Callaway Corvette SC652 convertible. In addition, Chevrolet’s 60th Anniversary Design Package, available on all Corvettes for 2013, provides unique graphics matched perfectly by a new Callaway hood striping option.

SC606 – 606 horsepower, Convertible or Coupe, Grand Sport or non-Grand Sport-based, manual or automatic paddle-shift transmissions.
SC652 – 652 horsepower, based on the manual transmission fixed-roof Z06 coupe or 427 Convertible Collector Edition.

Callaway Camaro

Coupe or convertible, manual or automatic transmission, the 2013 Callaway Camaro is all business. This supercharged four-seater produces spectacular power with perfect street manners and virtually unaffected fuel mileage. Engineered to be second to none, the Callaway Camaro consistently outperforms its power and torque rating, producing unmatched acceleration and throttle response compared to cars with higher power ratings. Since Callaway Camaros can be serviced by Chevrolet dealers, costly maintenance of similarly performing exotics can be avoided. Plus, the Callaway Camaro is a limited-production vehicle; you can rest assured you won’t be just another one of the crowd.

SC552 – 552 horsepower, with automatic transmission
SC572 – 572 horsepower, with manual transmission

Callaway SportTrucks

These “Powerfully Engineered” trucks are designed and built to replace truck-like acceleration and throttle response with stunning power and stump-pulling torque. Available in 2WD and 4WD, these supercharged pickups and SUV’s offer room to accommodate the whole family, as well as the utility and convenience that only trucks provide. Perfect for daily driver duty, all SportTrucks come with Callaway’s 3 year/36,000 mile warranty as standard equipment, supplementing GM warranties. All Callaway SportTrucks can be serviced and maintained by Chevrolet dealers across the USA and Canada.

SC450 – 450 horsepower, 5.3L Avalanche/Silverado/Suburban/Tahoe
SC490 – 490 horsepower, 6.0L Silverado 2500HD/Suburban 3/4 Ton
SC540 – 540 horsepower, 6.2L Silverado